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    “There is beauty in every person. My job is to make them see it.”

    – Ning Tadena

    “It is my mission to use my life experiences and knowledge to share learnings in NLP, Theta, Enneagram and Make-Up Artistry to people who want to learn about those things but don’t have the time and money yet to really invest in taking the full courses. My aim is to help people open their perspectives and see the different choices they have available for them, no matter what the situation is.”

    -Coach Ning

    . . .

    “Theta healing for me is a process wherein you get to resolve issues in your life that you didn’t know existed but was affecting your life significantly. It teaches you to focus only on yourself and let go of the blame on other people. You’ll get to know and understand yourself and because of that, you’ll become a better person and you’ll love yourself more.”

    – J. Gonzaga Home-maker, Mother of 2


    Ning Tadena was a former hotelier, restaurant manager, pre-school teacher, TESDA trainer, MAC Cosmetics Manager. Today, she’s a certified NLP practitioner and life coach, Medical Intuitive Theta Healer and Singapore-Trained Enneagram Executive Life Coach. She synergized her expertise and experiences in different fields to create a unique program.

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    Passion, Potential, Pain. Expand your heart to make it bigger than your Pain. Increase it as it touches other people’s hearts. In doing so, gives you purpose. Thank you so much Ning Tadena for an inspiring talk! God Bless you more as you touch more hearts. 

    – Tony Dawa


    Ning started her career as a makeup artist in 2006. She has worked her magic for TV Commercials, Weddings, Billboards and Magazines. Her most recent work is Max’s Series, Mr. Payong and Mitsubishi Commercials.

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    “As a makeup artist, she is passionate with her craft. She did my makeup for one photoshoot, and I got raves with my look. She enhanced my features naturally, totally avoiding the “made-up” look, which I love!  If you want to book her, do it quick, as she gets bookings way ahead of time.”

    – Rezza Custodio-Soriano
    Marketing Strategist & Life Coach