What is a Diva?

A diva is a woman who is accepting of her own greatness. She is someone who knows in her heart what her divine purpose is and lives it. She shines on every stage that she’s on. She celebrates her femininity with a wonderful combination of beauty, strength and vulnerability.

She knows what she’s meant to do, what her gifts are, and shares her talents to the world.

She shows who she is and accepts others wholeheartedly.

Isn’t that a grand vision for the world? A world filled with Divas who know their

value and are practicing self-love and self-care. Divas who influence their family, their co-workers, their community in a positive way.

Divas who inspire others to love and accept themselves, regardless of their background or where they’re coming from.

This is a grand vision indeed. And it starts with you.

Who is a Diva?

YOU ARE A DIVA! You are divinely created

and perfectly made.
You are beautiful, strong and vulnerable all at once.

You are designed with
your own talents and gifts to live your life with purpose, greatness and love!

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